Yelp Offer and Customer Review

AWESOME!!! “I checked in and received a free New York Strip Steak. They couldn’t believe that someone from Yelp finally took them up on their check-in offer. The owner carried my phone around the restaurant/store showing it to everyone who worked there. He even had to return to me a few times because the screen went blank. This restaurant/store is very excited about Yelp and I could tell they genuinely wanted to know more. They also asked me where all the Yelpers have been as they’ve been waiting. Well, I’m here!! This is a family owned business and it shows. Everyone is so friendly and chatty and it makes shopping here so pleasant. I was surprised to see how packed this place was as everyone just loves it here. So what is this place? It’s a deli, gourmet food store, winery and butcher. In their large parking lot they also have a farmer’s market with fresh fruits and vegetables. Tip: Free beer on tap while you shop and they promise the coldest beer in town. I learned that this place has been in business for 55 years. On the weekends they hold community BBQ’s and pack the place with families which would explain the outdoor seating areas. They also offer wine and food tasting events. This place is a foodie’s dream. I ordered the French Dip sandwich and I am now upset that I ordered this from Outback Steakhouse in the past. What was I thinking? Their sandwiches are truly phenomenal and they come with a side, pickle slice and a fresh chocolate chip cookie. Normally when you consider sides in a deli it’s your typical potato salad, or macaroni salad, and yeah, they had that too. For my side I picked Mediterranean grape leaves. They were so good and authentic that I would stop here just to purchase some side dishes. They had a generous selection of side dishes so even the pickiest eaters can find something. I also picked up a bottle of gourmet BBQ sauce and fresh homemade four cheese raviolis. They had quite a selection of gourmet treats. I highly recommend this place. They also cater. They do fruit spreads, sushi plus so much more.”